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Baska island Krk

Situated at the end of the island in the bay, surrounded by a view of the vast blue of the imposing mountain range, with a beach that stretches along almost the whole place, Baška becomes an image that hardly fades from the memory.

Our garden

This is where the walk through the old town small, narrow, cobbled streets, old houses decorated with photographic attractive chimneys, or by the sea along the waterfront, where weathered, colorful boats capture the eye,remains anybody indifferent.


baska old town

Men's hill embellished Mrgari and marked tourist promenade are a real treat for those who love nature, scenic views and silence. They , do not like to be "tired" on vacation, and want "something more", can walk and discover the Baška Glagolitic path (35 Glagolitic letters sculpture in stone placed at different locations) or to visit the Ethno House, Museum, St.. Lucy in the place Jurandvor where the Baška tablet was found, and much more interesting cultural content


And those who simply want to spend a hedonistic vacation will find their place on the beach , in a caffe by the sea, or just enjoy the gastronomy as well as nights in the evenings . All this should be reason enough to check whether the Baška is , as they say, a place that you visit once, you always return.


Where are we in Baska ?

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Stories about Baška

As you can allready see there are many pages with apartment rental offers for Baska. Wich ones are good and how can you find the best one for you. What is the most importent for you when you look for one. Is it the best position in Baska or the price. An apartment with sea view in Baska is more expensive than one with a view to the mountains around.  Also a thing to consider is how old the apartmens are and how good equipped they are. For me a sea view is a must and we have one of the best ones in our apartments.


Here are the thigs to consider

• how is the view

• is it far from the beach

• is there a park place

• is the super market far away

• how much does it cost

• is it free at the desired time


When you visit Baška, you will see that park places are rare and many home owners do not have one. So it is very important to know how far the park place from the apartment is. There are many beaches in the Baska and souroundings, but the bigest and closest one is the Vela plaža (translated big beach). So it would be very handy to be close to the beach so that you can walk to it.

The comfort of your own apartment is great, to be even better you need to buy food and other stuff. There are two main shops in Baška, Konzum and Trgovina Krk. One of the two should be in your neighborhood so that you can buy  your stuff with ease.

When you find your perfect apartment in Baska the price should be right. The prices are different at diffrent times of the year. Many of our usual guests call us to late or think if they have been at that time in Baška, that it must be free at that time again wich is often not the case. You should reserve your apartment on time.



How to find a perfect aprtment in Baska island Krk?